Carter Watch, Jimmy = Empty Chair…….

The former US (worst ever X) president, Jimmy Carter, has been in the news a lot lately, due to his much discredited book on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The most recent news about Carter concerns his speaking engagement at Brandeis University, where he is set to deliver a fifteen minute speech, then take questions for fortyfive.

The interesting aspect of this news is the fact that the former president refuses to debate his book with Harvard’s professor of law, Alan Dershowitz. Ironically, the stated purpose for writing the book, was to “spur debate on the issue of the US’s staunch support for Israel, at the expense of the Palestinians.”

Mr.Dershowitz has been more than willing to make good on Carter’s intentions, by openly suggesting that a forum be arranged in order to debate the book. Carter has consistently refused. According to the Fox article, the only debate Carter is willing to entertain, is with Dershowitz’s, empty chair. Dershowitz won’t even be allowed into the auditorium during Carter’s visit (he will be allowed time for a rebuttal once Carter disappears). If I had written a book as flawed as Carter’s, I wouldn’t be willing to debate in public either.

Dershowitz has observed Carter attempting to explain the amount of bad press over his book, as being due to the “Jewish lobby”, not his shoddy historical revisionism. What is most interesting though, is Carter’s noticeable lack of mention over his ties to Arab money. The Harvard professor says it best:

“It now turns out that Jimmy Carter–who is accusing the Jews of buying the silence of the media and politicians regarding criticism of Israel–has been bought and paid for by Arab money. In his recent book tour to promote Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, Carter has been peddling a particularly nasty bit of bigotry. The canard is that Jews own and control the media, and prevent newspapers and the broadcast media from presenting an objective assessment of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and that Jews have bought and paid for every single member of Congress so as to prevent any of them from espousing a balanced position.”

As noted above, the most perverse aspect of Carter’s foray into bigotry is that as he pours this old wine into new bottles he is himself awash in Arab money. When a politician levels these kinds of cynical accusations against others, it would seem incumbent on him to show that his own hands are clean and his own pockets empty.” “Finally, I ask the appropriate government agencies to conduct an investigation into whether Carter should be required to register as a lobbyist for foreign interests. Let’s stop invoking discredited ethnic stereotypes, look at the hard facts, and actually see who’s being bought and sold.”

Now it turns out that Carter has not only a soft spot for Arab money, but for a Nazi SS Guard facing deportation by the OSI in the 80’s. (The document in question is currently being authenticated.) There is a lot about Carter to be mystified with, and that such an ex-office holder still commands a lot of attention and respect is regrettable. Perhaps the chink in Carter’s armor is beginning to fall apart? *L* KGS

Update: More on Carter here, via Powerline.

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  1. Only a fool like KGS would call Carter worse than, say Nixon.

    Oh, nice hate-blog, KGS! Keep spreading that hate.

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