UK Documentary Exposes Islamism in UK Mosque

A UK Channel 4 documentary uses taped video and audio material by an undercover reporter to document what kind of messages are being preached inside a British Mosque.

The Kuffar (infidel/non-Muslim) should be hated, women are “deficient“, kids should be beaten, non-Muslim are not to be trusted because all are liars, an Islamic state is the main goal of all Muslims regardless of the democracy in which they live, the practice of marrying pre-pubescent girls is allowed by the Prophet and should not be discouraged.

I am reminded of an exchange I had with the blogger Toby over at Northern Lights blog, over the subject of women/girls wearing the hijab. It was during the time when former UK Foreign Minister, Jack Straw, commented that he would like to see the face of all his patients inside his surgery. Which I happen to think is a rather fair request. In part two of the documentary, the clerics bring up the subject of beating females into wearing them, which was the exact same point I made to Toby.

Once more, the phenomenon of taking at face value the words of people who live within a violent environment is at issue. I contend that they (the victimized) are as free to express their opinions, as was a black man on the streets of Alabama during segregation, or like a beaten house wife or an abused child. The victimized will more than likely side with their tormentor, (when outsiders intrude) which only serves to prolong their vicimization as well as obfuscate their prediciment to those on the outside looking in.

This is a wake up call to all those who still believe that Islam is a religion of peace. These clerics WHO SET THE TONE FOR THEIR COMMUNITIES are not only violent in their sentiments expressed towards the kuffar infidel, but towards their own as well. What’s as equally distrubing, is that these very same Muslim institutions have received recognition by the state for their contribution towards bettering society. *L* KGS

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