Moonbat Pali Protesters Play Pocohantos…….

One can only wonder at the farcically dressed “Palestinians for peace” protesters waiting for the arrival of the visiting US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. Gee, I wonder if Rice was momentarily tricked into believing that she was still in the States?

Protesting Whining against Israeli road blocks (that have proven to be an effective tool against Palestinian Islamakazis and other assorted brands of Pali terrorists) the group pictured, dressed as Indians because….eh, well that really isn’t very clear, even in spite of their nice (and correctly written) white sign.

If these people had even 1/10 the honor and dignity of the native American Indians, (as losers of every war against the Israelis) they would have already made peace with Israel. But no, being the habitual whiners that they are, the Palestinians would rather choose to sponge off the world community than to build the state that has been repeatedly offered to them. More here. *L* KGS

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