Michael Rubin Evaluates Specter…….

Michael Rubin, editor of the Middle East Quarterly and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, delivers a devastating appraisal of US senator Alan Specter as well as his recent “diplomatic” trip to Syria (the sixteenth one thus far). Far from accomplishing anything, Sen.Specter’s trip becomes a propaganda tool for the Assad regime, making US foreign policy vis-a-vis the Syrians that much more problematic.

Rubin: “Statesmanship should involve more than accruing passport stamps and photo-ops with foreign leaders. Senators should not be dupes for dictators. Not every regime is sincere when it extends an olive branch. Diplomacy is not only about talk, but also about judgment and strategy. If Specter’s strategy were so wise, his track record of engagement might not be so dismal.”

More here: *L* KGS

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