New UN Head Has New Remedy…….

New UN Sec-Gen, Ban Ki-Moon, knows how to remedy all that ails the Arab Middle-East……ready? Solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict“, then all the cards will fall into place like a Houdini magic trick.

“If the issues with the conflicts between Israel and Palestine go well, [resolutions of] other issues in the Middle East, including Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Syria, are likely to follow suit. I will meet with the concerned parties as soon as possible”

Of all the nonsensical mumbo jumbo (hence the tin foil hat) to come out of the UN, this one line of thinking has been given the most play. Too bad it doesn’t fit the reality in the region, “if wishes came true, beggars would ride”. This is of course truly disappointing after having to endure the (ever seemingly long) reign of Kofi Annan.

The fact is, that Islamist extremism has taken over the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and if any gains are to be made in the solving of that war (that’s what it really is), the larger issue at hand has to be met head on. No amount of poo pooing around that fact will lead any state, anywhere in the region closer to an eventual peace. That includes Israel vi’s-a-vi’s the Palestinians and all the other Muslim conflicts around the Middle-East.

Frankly speaking, the UN Sec-General has the cart before the horse, which speaks more of an attempt at political correctness than anything else, and most certainly does not reflect any reality. More Arabs/Muslims in the past decade have been murdered/killed at the hands of other Arabs/Muslims than between the Israelis and the Palestinians/Hezbollah. Perhaps if Ban Ki-Moon reflected on the what and the why of that statement, we would be that much closer to solving some of the darker problems of the region.

Here’s a good op-ed that reveals a solid basic truth, that being, moderate/modernist Muslims are the key to any eventual peace in the Middle East. And only through the support and successes of such moderate/modernist voices can there ever be hope for peace with Isarel and in the region as a whole. Not the other way around. Read here. *L* KGS

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