Somali Islamist Court Forces Completely Routed…….

Tundra Tabloids first news story of the year, is about the defeat of the Islamist Court Union at the hands of the combined forces of the Ethiopian military and the UN recognized Transitional Federal Government. It must be noted that the TFG tried to get the Islamists to merge with the government, but using as a pretext the presence of Ethiopian troops still being inside Somalia, the Islamists nixed the deal and continued its offencive.

Now the ICU has been completely defeated as a military force, and now talks of creating an insurgency, not unlike the one currently making life difficult inside Iraq. An interesting take on the Ethiopian successes can be found here.

“The situation in Somalia proves that statement quite well. Neighbouring Ethiopia had to interfere urgently. Islamic regime in Somalia had all chances to become exactly what the Taliban regime in Afghanistan became for the world.”

True. It only stands to reason that it would only have become a matter of time before the Islamists would begin in earnest, to help their hard line coreligionists carry on the fight. It’s never in any ones best interest (regionally or internationally)to see an Islamist state take hold. *L* KGS

Special kudos to Avid Reader for some of the info

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