It’s a Rout……!


By the time Finland’s Somali “refugee” Islamists, Idris Hassan Farah and pals leave for Somalia to “wage battle” against the combined forces of the Ethiopian and the Somali Traditional Federal governmental troops (pictured), the ICU would have already “high tailed” it out of most of Somalia.

The news from the front continue to report the success of the Ethopian and Somali armies in routing the Islamist ICU everywhere the meet, with the latest news reporting that the Islamists are now pulling out of the capital of Mogadishu.

“I have seen that the Islamists are defeated, I’m going to rejoin my clan,” said gunman Mohamed Barre Sidow. “I was forced to join the Islamic courts by my clan, so I now I will return to my clan and they will decide my fate, whether I join the government or not.”

The Finnish state news channel was almost predicting a debacle similar to the UN run mission which saw Americans being dragged in the streets. But of course YLE forgot to tell the Finnish viewers that it was a UN RUN DEBACLE.

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