The Helsingin Sanomat Blunders Again…….

Finland’s flagship news daily, the Helsingin Sanomat carries on its tarnished tradition of being the dispenser of “half baked” news. To be fair, other major news media such as the US’s NYT (Gray Lady) have reported/editorialized on Israel’s intended construction within the settlement of Maskiot, but that doesn’t absolve the HS from its “sensationalizing and obfuscating” of a news story, one iota. What HS dishes up for its readership, is another “regurgitated news wire story” from the STT-Reuters-AP, that doesn’t even come close to telling the full story.

The HS reports that:

“The EU is deeply concerned over Israel’s new settlement in the West Bank. The project goes against the Road Map which is named for the Israel/Palestinian peace process, said the (EU) Finnish presidency in a statement on Wednesday. The US had also issued a rare criticism of Israel over the settlement project.”

Lets back up a moment here. A truer reading of the situation: Israel, under the leadership of Ariel Sharon agreed to the details stated in the Road Map, and promised US President G.W.Bush, that they would be adhered to as soon as the Palestinians renounced the use of terror against Israel. Choosing rather, negotiations in place of terrorist violence in solving the conflict between the two sides.

“Prime Minister Sharon repeatedly and emphatically said that Israel’s obligations to the Road Map don’t start until there is an end to terrorism. The end to terrorism never happened, so the Road Map never took off and none of Israel’s “promises” had to be kept.” More here.

Another point worth mentioning is that the whole HS wire story leads the reader to believe that it’s also a brand new settlement, when in reality it was founded in 1982, and that any subsequent construction will take place within the confines of that settlement. Why didn’t the HS know that, are they just ignorant or worse yet, intentionally ignorant? *L* KGS

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