Civil War Watch…….

With Abbas’ call for early Palestinian elections, a very clear line is being drawn in the sand, the P.A. President is daring the Hamas to cross over it. Personally I can’t lose too much sleep over the fact that “one terrorist faction is offing the other” and vice versa.

As bad as this sounds, the Arabs have only themselves to blame for the sad state of affairs within the P.A. administered territories, and it will only be up to them to fix it. One gun, one rule by the lesser of the two evils (Fattah) is the only way forward. Israel is waiting this one out, and will be hoping that the Islamists (Hamas) will receive a thorough drubbing. More here. KGS

Update: Jpost article explains the recent upsurge in violence after the Abbas anouncement to call for new elections. Also; Analysis: Same old Fatah means victory for Hamas offers good insight as to why Fattah had better learn from its past mistakes. More here. KGS

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