Empty Pockets And Bullet Dodging…….

Not only was Hamas kingpin, Ismail Haniyeh, forced to empty his pockets (of $35 mill) at the jointly monitored Rafah border with Egypt, he was also forced to dodge the bullets of Fattah gunmen who were waiting on the Gaza side of the border crossing.

According to the AP, Hamas has taken control of the Gaza border crossing, after a “ferocious gun battle with Fattah allied border guards”.

I hate to argue over semantics, but in an earlier posting I had discounted the claim of Finnish UPI’s analyst, Toby Archer, who stated that “Gaza was blockaded” by Israel. I bring this issue up once more, to highlight my original premise, that “technically speaking”, the Palestinians are in control of their southern border crossing with Egypt. So it’s wrong to say the Gaza is being blockaded in the “classical sense”, since traffic is moving back and forth, under the supervision of international observers, Palestinian border guards, and Israeli monitors as well.

The international monitors at the border crossing had to be “whisked away” by Israel when the warring Palestinian parties started having their gunfire free-for-all, with bullets blazing and people ducking, including the P.A. PM himself. That Hamas still has to try and bring suitcases stashed with cash, proves that the sanctions are still working, and shows just how impractical it is to try and run a government via heavily monitored borders.

Is the latest attempt at cash smuggling and bullet dodging a sign that, it was a bad move by the Palestinians to elect a racist, bigoted, supremest group of religious zealots? I would think so. I wonder if the other Finnish UPI analyst still believes that Hamas is pragmatic enough to vote itself out of existence? KGS

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