Useful Idiots For Islam…….

With The Help Of Useful Idiots, [The Islamists] Are Shattering The Secular Edifice Of The French Republic – In The Name Of Human Rights”.

Sounds as frightening as it being utterly absurd. French-Algerian Scholar Dr. Kamal Nait-Zerrad sounds the alarm to his fellow French citizens, to wake up before the find themselves giving away their hard earned rights and freedoms. It also serves as a warning to us here in Finland and elsewhere in the EU, that we need to be well aware of what we are facing. Dr. Nait-Zerrad continues:

“The fact is that Islam never foresaw a situation in which it would be in the minority. So long as one has not understood this, one cannot understand the Islamist movements. This is symptomatic of the Muslim vision of man, of human relations, and of other religions. For Islam, the Christian or Jewish non-Muslim can only be a dhimmi.”

This is one of the most difficult issues for our religious leaders, politicians and academics to understand. The multitude of Islamic organizations are predominantly headed by “non-modernist” men who refuse to believe that Islam should become a matter of personal faith. These leaders (who set the tone for the rest of the faithful) are loathe to preach against any future role of sharia (Islamic law) in the democratic lands in which they reside.

What we see in the silk tongued propaganda of a Tariq Ramadan, is a move to ensure a role of Islam in Europe, that is to become an exclusive European Islam, void of any changes, but everything “just put on hold”. This is precisely what Ramadan meant when he was asked about the stoning of a woman for adultery, instead of condemning it outright, he only called for a “moratorium on the practice”.

This is troublesome for many reasons, in much the same way a “hudna”(a temporary halt in hostilities) is for anyone wanting a lasting peace. It’s something that can be enacted at the choosing of the party who initiated it. Leaders such as Ramadan and any other leader in the Islamic community who have not jettisoned their affection for sharia, are symptomatic of the trouble at hand. What to do when either side of the divide refuses to abandon a system that will one day serve to enslave the members of the host state? At least in Ramadan’s case, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which makes one less reformist we have to work with. More here. KGS

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