Dissent In Iran…….

The sign reads in Farsi, “Fascist president, (Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) Polytechnic is not your place.”

Iranian “moonbat” president, M. Ahmadinejad, was speaking at the Amir Kabir University when a group of students disrupted his speech with slogans and chants, calling him a dictator, while someone burned a picture of him.

A group of Amir Kabir’s top students had earlier expressed objections to the government’s economic and political agenda as well as “confrontation with student activists and ridding universities of independent lecturers”.
“Bankrupting the country’s industry, inflation, distribution of poverty, defacement of the country’s international image and playing with the nation’s fate in diplomatic issues,” were among the points brought up in a statement
. “

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Due to the Iran/Iraq war, Iranian society is relatively young, with a majority of its population being (about) under the age 0f 35. There is plenty of dissatifaction to go around in that age group, with the stifling religious constraints of the “Mullocracy”becoming unbearable. Hot Air has more on it here. KGS

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