Hamas, As Intransigent As Ever…….

It comes as no surprise that Hamas has thus far rejected any change to its party’s platform, which aims for both the destruction of Israel, and the instituting of sharia as law for the new Palestinian state (to be be founded upon the ruins of the Jewish state). In a prior email exchange with an analyst at the Finnish UPI, (his/her name remains anonymous due to the privacy of the exchange) the issue of Hamas’ religious radicalism was discussed, with my point being:

“Its always been my understanding that when speaking about the Hamas, they have to be understood within the confines of their short and long term goals. Could the religious side of Hamas ever seriously opt to recognize the ‘Jewish entity’, which would effectively and totally undermine their party platform? In other words, for Hamas to vote Israel into existence, they would be voting their party’s relevancy out of existence.

While Democratic Jihadi-Salafiyyahism is an oxymoron, and Hamas’ decision to participate in the elections in spite of the many Jihadi-Salafi edicts can’t be overstated, they can however, be interpreted in a couple of different ways(1). I am of the opinion that the ‘short and long’ term goals of the Hamas can be divided up along their political and religious outlooks, with the latter better addressing their ultimate aim. In dealing with the politicians who have a knack for not thinking in terms of the long term, the latter should not be underestimated. (at least in my own opinion)”

1.) On 18 January 2006, the webmaster of Al-Maqrizi Center in London, which is headed by the Egyptian Islamist Dr. Hani al-Siba`i, posted on the Jihadi forum Al-Hesbah a list of names of 102 Islamic clerics, some of whom are already dead. All of them severely opposed any participation in parliamentary elections in the Muslim world.3 The list was meant to influence the Palestinian Hamas not to take part in the elections. The list featured the names of 52 Egyptians, 22 Saudis, 5 Jordanians (among them “Sheikh” Abu Mus`ab al-Zarqawi), 5 Syrians, 4 Moroccans, two Sudanese, two Lebanese, two Kuwaitis, as well as one Iraqi, Nigerian, Mauritanian, and Yemeni each. The dominant share of Egyptians and Saudis reflects their significant role in the development of Jihadi Salafiyyah, as a result of the integration between Egyptian exiles from the Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia and Wahhabi scholars there. (The Islamic Debate over Democracy: Jihadi-Salafi Responses to Hamas’ Victory in the Palestinian Elections By Reuven Paz)

His/her response was:

“As I said, we will have to wait and see. What comes to fundamentalism, this is not even the issue yet, now Hamas should be flexible on issues of Israel and violence and these are not islamist issues, but nationalist. The islamist nature of hamas will come to debate later for sure.”

I couldn’t be in more disagreement with the Finnish ME analyst (who I greatly respect). The position of the Hamas vis-a-vis Israel is not from a traditional nationalist viewpoint, it’s clearly from an Islamist one, which relegates the nationalist aspirations of the people, secondary to the mandates of their extremist religious views. Islam will not allow a Jewish state to have parity with Muslim states, it ruins their dhimmi image for the Jew.
Here are a few quotes by Palestinian PM Haniyeh, during his tour to Syria and Iran where he reiterated that his Hamas-led government would never recognize Israel and would continue its jihad against it, until the state of the Jewish people is utterly destroyed.
During his visit to Damascus and Teheran, Haniyeh made the following declarations:

–At the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus on Tuesday, December 5, Haniyeh vowed his Hamas movement and government would never recognize Israel.

–Haniyeh also said Tuesday that in all the time he had served as prime minister, he had never acted against Palestinian armed groups or prevented them from carrying out operations against Israel.

–Haniyeh declared that his government does not condemn the Palestinian “resistance” but embraces it. He stressed that the Palestinian people would not give up “a single grain of the entire land of Palestine” nor would it relinquish the “right of return” of Palestinian refugees to within the borders of Israel.

–Haniyeh praised the “heroic” suicide bombing attack carried out two weeks ago by Fatimah Omar al-Najar, a 68 year old Palestinian grandmother of 25.

–In Iran two days later, Haniyeh told a Teheran mosque during Friday prayers that his government would never recognize Israel and would fight to liberate all of Jerusalem.

–At the Teheran mosque on Friday, Haniyeh stated: “The world arrogance and Zionists . . . want us to recognize the usurpation of the Palestinian lands and stop jihad and resistance and accept the agreements reached with the Zionist enemies in the past. We will never recognize the usurper Zionist government and will continue our jihad-like movement until the liberation of all of Palestine.”

As I wrote here,
“Israel’s disengagement policy, which is currently under review due to continued violence, should be understood as a response to Islamist extremism in general, that as an intolerant ideology, it’s incapable of compromise and co-existence according to western morals and understandings. Such an ideology is traditionally an anathema to European/western values, deserving neither recognition nor EU funding, regardless of how much of a role it will play in any “unity government”.Without concrete proof of the Hamas renouncing violence, accepting the right of Israel to exist, as well as accepting previous signed agreements, and without these three conditions being reflected both in the platforms of a new government and in Hamas itself, there is little hope of a way forward. But most importantly, the EU must first concede to the fact that the Palestinians have opted for an Islamist solution to the conflict with Israel. This represents the latest paradigmatic shift in the Middle East. “ KGS

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