Gaza Woman Minus Hijab = Acid In Face…….

Gaza Islamists resort to totalitarian brutality against a Muslim woman, by throwing acid onto her face because she was not wearing the traditional Muslim hijab. More here. Not only are Muslim women at risk from acid and rape at the hands of the Islamists, Christian women have been traditionally victimized by their Islamist overlords as well. More here.

Last year a Gaza couple were brutally murdered by Islamists for walking hand in hand in public, no public display of affection is allowed, also this year saw the rise of Hamas into power and the introduction of green labels onto the bottles of the P.A.’s lone brewery, the Taybeh Beer Company, which is run by a Christian Arab in Ramallah. The trend to “reign in” the secular/non-Muslim sector of Palestinian society shows no sign of reversing itself. More here. KGS

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