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Saudi Executioner: Just Another Day At Work…….

Saui Arabia’s official executioner, Abdallah Al-Bishi, considers compassion a hinderance to his work. Al-Bishi has lobbed off over a hundred heads with O’L Betsy, saying; “things go better if the condemned stand up straight”.

TV host: Abdallah, what was your most difficult beheading? Have you ever beheaded someone you knew?

Abdallah Al-Bishi: Yes, I have beheaded many people who were my friends, but whoever commits an offense brings it on himself. View video here , transcript here. KGS

Note: Double amputations are of no concern either, thanks to Mohamed.

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  1. “Do you cut off hands, or do you just do beheadings?”

    Hmmm… does he do weddings and Bar Mitzvahs too?

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