The Reasoning Behind Hezbollah’s Summer War…….

In an article by Dr.Walid Phares, ‘Hezbollah’s offensive in Lebanon has begun’, the strategic ramifications of the summer war between Hezbollah/Iran and Israel, as well as the recent US congressional elections are explored. More here. KGS

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  1. Get your facts straight.

    IDF started planning the summer 2006 offensive over a year before the assault into Lebanon.

    After the professor of Israeli university published details about Israel planning Lebanon offensive to further its regional power in the region, details about the planning have been written about here (among dozens of other places):

    and here (and I quote)
    “The raw logic of Israel’s distorted self-image and racist doctrines is exposed beyond confusion by the now-stark reality: the moonscape rubble of once-lovely Lebanese villages; a million desperate people trying to survive Israeli aerial attacks as they carry children and wheel disabled grandparents down cratered roads; limp bodies of children pulled from the dusty basements of crushed buildings. This is the reality of Israel’s national doctrine, the direct outcome of its racist worldview.” Virginia Tilley “The Case for Boycotting Israel” Counterpunch
    And even here

    In nut shell, for all you politically challenged: Israel bombed Lebanon to further its economic regional power.

    Blood for money.

  2. heres the San Fransisco Chronicle article in which these details were first brought out. Well, thats where I read about it first, anyway.

    “Israel set war plan more than a year ago
    Strategy was put in motion as Hezbollah began increasing its military strength”

    Oh BTW Tundraman/KGS – your blog entry has just been 0WN3D!! In the light of this evidence I have posted, the whole article is HILARIOUS JOKE (not to mention its Ph.D toting author)!

    Note that this author has no sources – not one single reference, just his Ph.D. title to go along.

    Lets go through point by point:
    1. Since Israel started planning this war years ago, and they admit it, too, it seems the claims made by this author about Hezbollahs plans are just wild fantasies of his own (or some of his fantasy authoring friends).

    2. He may even be right here, but since I just read this person write utter fantasies, I think the point 2. is, at best, just his own guessing at what happened.

    3. Again, I doubt this guy is capable of analysing successfully the internal politics going down in Teheran, especially since it seems he doesnt even know whats really going on in the english speaking world – gee, maybe he’s watching too much Fox News or CNN?

    4. and 5. This guy has nothing but big scary images of Hezbollah seizing power in Lebanon. Why would they do that?

    They’ve been in Lebanon for 22 years without taking over, why now when Israel and Turkey have allied (in case you didnt know)?

    Very impressive footnotes – but doesnt change the fact that this article is GUESSWORK – and not even very good guesswork, maybe because this guy doesnt know whats going on in the region.

    Or can you point out ANY reference to ANY claim he makes about Hezbollah or Teheran in the points 4. and 5.? I am always very interested to learn more, as you can see I follow these events with passion.

    The article written by a journalist posing as some kind of expert, but still the article you refer to has *no* facts whatsoever, is purely *propaganda* with very narrow point of view of “we win evil terrorists”.

    Too bad Israels plan didnt work. And I hope the Israeli war criminals responsible for the destruction of Lebanonese lives and infrastructure are tried.

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