Ambassador Bolton Exposes The Arab League Once More…….

The following is good reason as to why US Ambassador to the UN, Mr.John Bolton deserves to keep his post at Turtle Bay. Bolton responds to the Arab League’s attempt to once more single out Israel for “war crimes”:

Excerpts from his remarks appear below.

“First, we are disturbed at language in the resolution that is, in many places, biased against Israel and politically motivated… Secondly, it remains an unbalanced text. Among many such examples are the following: the preambular text equates Israeli military operations, which are legal, with firing of rockets into Israel, which are acts of terrorism. (Emphasis added) Moreover, its characterization of Israeli military actions as ‘excessive and disproportionate’ constitutes a legal judgment that the Security Council would be ill advised to make. Third, the proposed resolution calls for the establishment of a fact-finding mission that is, at this point, unnecessary and will do nothing to improve the situation on the ground. The resolution further promises to consider the establishment of an ‘international mechanism for protection of the (Palestinian) civilian population’ – a promise that is unwise and unnecessary and, at any rate, raises false hopes.”

There is not a single… condemnation of the Hamas leadership’s statement that Palestinians should resume terror attacks on a broad scale, or calls by the military wing of Hamas to Muslims worldwide to strike American targets and interests. More terror, whether directed at Israel or the United States or the European Union Office in Gaza City is not the solution, nor will it enable the Palestinian people to achieve their aspirations.”

It is the responsibility of any Palestinian Authority government to prevent terror and take the necessary steps to stop attacks and dismantle the terrorist infrastructure. Hamas has failed utterly in this regard by continuing to play a role in perpetuating instability and violence. The Palestinian people deserve leaders who are prepared to renounce terror, accept the Quartet principles, and become a legitimate partner in peace… The Road Map and the principles contained therein remain the only agreed international basis upon which to move forward towards the two-state goal.”

We call upon all members of the international community to support the Road Map unequivocally. To that end the United States will vote no on this resolution.”It is hard to think of a clearer statement of American policy. It is hard to imagine a better representative for what we believe to be the bipartisan American understanding that Israel has the right of self-defense against Hamas’s ongoing efforts to increase its arsenal in Gaza, and inculcate Jew-hatred and the veneration of terrorism in the population.”

I for one, cannot accept any analysis of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs, that fails to recognize the Palestinian’s cynical use of its own population. This includes the institutionalization of the death culture within its society, allowing terrorists to operate out of civilian areas in the intentional targeting of Israeli citizens, as well as to hide amongst them, and the refusal to adhere to the Road Map and end the conflict peacefully. More here. KGS

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