‘Once In A Life Time’ Experience…….

Finnish newspaper reports 1,300 Iranians sign up at suicide bombing recruitment center. Among volunteers: Doctors, lawyers and students, 30 percent are women.

“Some 1,300 Iranians have already volunteered to carry out suicide bombings against “the Israeli occupation of Palestine”, this according to the administrator of the suicide bombing recruitment center to Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet.

Speaking with a reporter from the newspaper, Afrusa Rajafar, who runs the recruitment center, said that 1,300 people have already signed up for the once in a lifetime experience. Recruits go through relatively easy training says Rajafar: “all they have to know is how to push a button”.

Rajafar said that most volunteers are well educated and have successful careers: Doctors, lawyers, university professors and students. About 30 percent of them are women and one in three is aged 20-40.

This certainly dispells the myth that “poverty and social injustice” are the main contributing causes that breed terrorism. How about instead, “good old fashioned brainwashing” in the form of religious indoctrination? More here. KGS

Hat tip: Daniel B.

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