IDF Concludes Ops…….

IDF concludes Operation Autumn Clouds in Beit Hanoun (Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Early this morning IDF infantry, engineering and armored forces completed their operations against terror infrastructure and rocket launching infrastructure in Beit Hanoun.
Over the course of the operation:

• Forces conducted searches throughout the town in order to locate terrorists, gunmen and weaponry.

• Dozens of armed gunmen were killed in aerial attacks and clashes with soldiers.

• IDF soldiers uncovered large amounts of weaponry including rocket launchers, anti-tank missile launchers, grenades, explosive devices, AK-47 assault rifles, various ammunitions types, observation equipment and more.

• The IDF targeted and hit 9 rocket launching cells, some of them also responsible for rocket manufacturing.

• Dozens of Palestinians suspected of terror involvement were taken for questioning by security forces.

• An IDF soldier was killed in exchanges of fire during the operation.

• An attempted suicide bombing against the forces was thwarted following alerts on the planned attack. The female bomber exploded after being stopped by IDF forces, lightly injuring one of the soldiers.

• In coordination with the DCO, dozens of vehicles passed into Beit Hanoun, carrying food, medical teams, repairmen and additional supplies.

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