Canada: To Threaten Israel Is To Threaten Canada…….

This is a very refreshing turn-a-round for the state of relations between Canada and Israel, thanks to the people of Canada who removed the liberal Left after being twelve years in power. By handing the Conservatives the reigns to governance, there is now a fresh shift in Canadian foreign policy vis-a-vis Israel and the conflict in general. Just recently, Canadian Liberals were heard condemning Israel for “war crimes”, but the new PM, Stephen Harper is unabashedly pro-Israel, stating that:

“When dealing with war between Israel and terrorist organization, this country cannot and will never be neutral. Those who seek to destroy the Jews, who seek to destroy Israel, will ultimately seek to destroy us all. It is why Canada’s new government has reacted with speed and spoken with clarity on the recent events in the Middle East.”

This is the type of moral clarity needed to help combat the rise of Islamist Extremism the world over, and not just within the ranks of Conservatism, but within the Progressives as well. That is the shame of it all, outside of the Liberal Blair camp in the UK, where are the other major Socialist lead governments within the West who dare to speak in the same way? Why is it that the majority of Conservatives voices are in solid defence of a progressive Jewish state, while its ideological Liberal cousins in Europe, are stabbing it in the back? Eurabia phenomenon perhaps?

Anyways, the clear line of support for Israel from this Conservative Prime Minister, is a very welcome development, and hopefully will be something to build on for the future. More here. KGS
Hat tip: DK

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