Fjordman Speaks: The Eurabia Code Part IIII…….

This is the latest article in a series from the blogger Fjordman, concerning Bat Ye’or’s “Eurabia“, who has been posting from the Brussels Journal. Fjordman: “We Have to Destroy the European Union in Order to Save Europe.” Click here.

On another note, I came across an interesting post by the blogger Patrick Poole at Existential Space. He takes notice of the same article I read in the Sept-Oct edition of the Foreign Affairs journal, in which a professor of political science John Mueller, pontificates in “Is There Still a Terrorist Threat? , the notion that since there have been no attacks in the US since 9/11, the threat is therefore not real.

Patrick offers some interesting logic that I believe counters the position of the professor very convincingly. Click here. KGS

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