IDF Uncover More Palestinian Tunnels…….

According to the Vital Perspective Blogspot, the IDF uncovered nine tunnels between Gaza and Egypt in and around the border town of Rafah. In an interview of Yossi Drori, Commander of the IDF’s Tzabar regiment in the Givati Brigade, he revealed that for every tunnel uncovered, there are ten left operational.

Many of these tunnels lead to houses of entire families, who either are complicit, or are forced by the smugglers to allow use of their home in spite of the serious consequences. These smugglers are transporting all kinds of contraband, including ammunition, explosives and high grade weapons systems. The report at Vital Perspectives is worth the read, as well as the interview of the Israeli Commander which was translated form Hebrew.
All of this of course, points to the Egyptians and their intentional non-interest in securing the border. This is a country supposedly at “peace” with the Jewish state, but allows this kind of detrimental activity to proceed unhindered. More here. KGS
Update: This one in from LGF, tunnel located in green house. Click here.

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