Daily Infidel Reports On Ex-Terrorists’ Speaking Event…….

The blogger “Daily Infidel” wrote an interesting report on the speaking event that was held at Columbia University, (which was by the way, due to the University’s immature student body) the scene of a recently ruined speaking event,) but only allowed 150 people into an auditorium that sits 400.

The recently ruined event that saw Columbia University students rushing the stage to silence the speakers, who were supposed to be talking about illegal immigration, unleashed a disturbing display of “stage rage”, which effectively ruined the evening. Where did the rage come from?

Bill O’Reilly aptly puts it, “the rage these students had for the speakers resulted from realizing their inability to intellectually win the debate, therefore the anger.”

That pretty much sums up the radical Left’s modus operandi, intimidate, obfuscate, bloviate….but never under any circumstance, shall you honestly debate the issues. [That pretty much sums up the anti-Israel crowd, whose talking shouting points usually include “the occupation” in every sentence, which is supposedly the cause for everything, even the boils on the late PLO chairman’s arse.]
As a result, the more recent event which featured speakers such as, Walid Shoebat, Zakaria Anani, both who were formerly terrorists and Hilmar von Campe, a former Nazi youth, could only address a drastically reduced-in-size audience. But what they had to say is well worth it watch the video from Atlas Shrugs here.

Note: Special kudos to the Daily Infidel for filing a report. Also, this blogger is leaving to go moose hunting, so the Tundra Tabloids will be back on Sunday. KGS

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