First African Swedish Minister Target Of Muslim Ire…….

The diverse Swedish cabinet of Fredrik Reinfeld’s new conservative government is winning the approval of many, while earning the disdain of a few. His new government includes a number of “new firsts”, even for Sweden. Reinfeld, at 41, is one of Sweden’s youngest PM ever, but the source of all the attention is not that one of his ministers, Andreas Carlgren, is an openly gay man, but Sweden’s first African Swedish minister, Nyamko Sabuni of intergration.

According to Muslim commentator and author Kurdo Baksi, “I am very disappointed that a person whom I consider to be an Islamaphobe has been appointed integration minister. It is a very poor start to a centre-right government’s integration policy,”

What the new integration minister has done to earn his “ire”, is to take notice of the widely used Muslim practice of “circumcision” of young girls, which ruins the female capacity to enjoy sexual relations. It has no religious foundations, being entirely an ancient cultural practice that has no place in a modern world, let alone in a modern liberal society.

The new minister has suggested that “all girls should undergo compulsory checks for genital mutilation.” It might sound a bit intrusive, but what could be more intrusive than to have someone slitting a young girls clitoris to discourage a potential act of infidelity in the future? More here. KGS

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