Sunni Tribal Leaders Battle Jihadists In Iraq’s Anbar Province…….

No matter which way you sliced it, it had always been a losing proposition for Iraq’s Sunni Muslim minority to oppose a democratic Iraq. The Sunni have always known where the source of Iraq’s wealth and power lies, it’s underneath the Kurds to the north and the Shi’ite to the south, oil, something which the Sunni triangle glaringly lacks, as well as the wealth and power that accompanies it.

Here is where the jihadists’ “Achilles heel” lies bare for all to see, a Sunni minority with little or no wealth of its own has very little bargaining power or leverage over its neighbors that control Iraq’s oil, and future, when it’s all said and done, the “Dinar talks, bullshit walks”. The Sunni have been playing a ridiculously dangerous game of cutting off their nose in spite of their face, and the jihadists know this all too well, which explains the reasons behind their drive to inflame sectarian violence in the Sunni region.

In the short term, a civil war would only serve to help the combined force of jiahdis and ex-Saddam loyalists, but at the expense of the minority Sunni community, which in the long term would be left devastated, long after the last jiahdi breathed his last. It looks like Sunni tribal leaders in the Anbar province have begun to wake up and smell the Arabic coffee, and realize that they hate the jihadis and their plans more, than the plans of the Iraqi government and the US Coalition. We may be witness to the tide being finally turned. More here. KGS

Note: In the previous post about Michael Totten’s recent interview, he emphasizes the fact that the Kurdish areas in Iraq are terrorist free, and even the Shi’ia provinces are relatively quiet than the “Sunni Triangle” where over 90% of the terrorist action takes place. It’s always best to put things into proper perspective.

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