A Tragic Legacy Of Genocide By Arabs And Muslims…….

The canard most often bantered around diplomatic circles concerning the Middle East, usually takes shape in the form of “if only we could solve the Arab/Israeli conflict, it remains the single most pressing issue in the ME”. While I must agree that it’s an important issue that needs to be solved, but it’s hardly the most pressing of issues facing the Muslim states in the Middle East and around the world. By way of the Democratic Peace blogspot, I came across an interesting link to an article in an Israeli News daily, titled: “A Homemade Genocide”.
It details the amount of democide (state murder) inflicted upon Muslim citizens by their own governments, which far exceeds the amount of Muslims killed in the Arab/Palestinian/Islamist/Israeli wars, and still remains the single most pressing problem existing in this region today. The only reason why Israel is often mentioned and singled out is that it’s convenient t do so. KGS

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