Unifil Mandate Given "Teeth"…….

So Unifil is now allowed to use force to help prevent a resumption of hostilities in S.Lebanon, a step in the right direction. Even Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman is pleased with the new mandate which allows for:

“A final scenario that would give justification for the force to open fire was ‘to protect civilians under imminent threat of physical violence’.”

So according to this new mandate, Unifil troops should be on the lookout for any Hizbullah activity in their area of operation, which would most certainly include the intent to infiltrate Israel or to launch rockets ect. We shall see how all this plays out, one significant sign that the “new and improved” Unifil 2 is more serious and better equipped to implement its mandate, would be their “zero tolerance” over any Hizbullah attempts to set up positions along side the Unifil observation posts. More here.

Of equal of interest is whether the UN (UNRWA) will take control and responsibility over its own refugee camps that it supposedly oversees. There is worring news of Hizbullah using the UNRWA run camps as storage areas for its weapons and ammo. More here.

Also, Ze’ev Schiff at the Haaretz wrote the other day about the Iranian and Syrians helping the Hizbullah during the war against Israel, further proof of the proxy war the two rogue states have been waging against Israel all these years. More here.

It certainlydoesn’t help his (Assad) claim that he wouldn’t allow for weapons to continue to flow to the Hizbullah when he states openly to the Europeans : not to “waste your time” trying to keep arms from reaching Hizbullah.” “History teaches us that nobody can prevent a resistance group from arming when it has the support of the people,..” More here.


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