Fattah Gunmen Threaten The Lives Of Hamas’ Leadership…….

What amounts to watching a slow train wreck, the Palestinians are upping the ante from targeting members of each others groups, to open threats of assassination of each others leadership, Abbas was targeted by Hamas in May of this year, 2006. Fattah gunmen terrorists have issued a warning to Hamas and it’s leadership that no one is safe, pushing the internal Palestinian conflict even closer to an all out armed conflict between warring sides.

The international community (US and the Quartet) has longed demanded a consolidation of all Palesstinian armed terrorist groups into one unit, a “one gun one army” being controlled by one government. It now looks as if it will eventually happen, too bad it has to involve more bloodshed. More here. KGS

LGF blogspot: “…..I’m rooting for both sides to achieve their objectives….”

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