Saudis: Morality Police "A Good Thing"…….

The Saudi political and religious leadership are their own worst enemy. It’s this typical Islamist mindset that keeps their country locked into a century long since past. As the West develops alternative energy sources to help curb its dependence on Middle Eastern oil, the oil rich states that refuse to change its medieval cultural practices, will be even further left behind. Yes, change is sometimes as frightening as it is difficult, but most importantly, it’s inevitable.

Saudi officials still insist on keeping a tight moral code upon its society. In this type of society, what you can wear and who you can be with is, as important as who can drive a car. Is it any wonder that the Saudis lag behind the West in almost every technical and innovative field? How can they and other similar regimes ever hope to compete economically in a modern world, when they lock up 50% of their brain power (women)? KGS

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