J’Lem Mufti Demands "Clear Apology" From Pope…….

According to the Jerusalem Post:

“The mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Hussein demanded on Tuesday that Pope Benedict XVI offer a “clear apology” for remarks about Islam that ignited protests across the Muslim world. Hussein, urged Palestinians to stop their attacks on churches, but held the pontiff responsible for the outpouring of Muslim anger.”

Wait a second… are we to believe that any of the recent violence in the Muslim world it due to the Pope’s speech, or due to his text being used “as a pretext” for violence by different Islamist groups throughout the Islamic world? That no visible Islamic leader has rushed to the defence of the Pontiff, (who must certainly know the context of the Roman Bishop’s speech) is even more worrisome than any of the violence carried out by the more uninformed Muslim populace.

The Mufti of Jerusalem is just one more Islamist in a very long line, that wants to use ignorance and hatred of the west, for Islam’s own intolerant self interest. Intimidation of a tolerant West through the fear of reprisal, by an ever encreasingly vocal Islam, tears to shreds the notion that Islam, in this day and age, is any more peaceful and respectful of others than Hitler’s Germany. KGS

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