Leader of Fattah’s Military Wing: I Wish Every Day A 9/11…….

This is why we can’t afford to let the Islamists win. Make no mistake about it, even the so called “moderate” camp within the Palestinian Fattah organization are just as fanatical over their hatred of the US and Israel. The Al-Aqsa Brigade is the military branch of the Fattah, and just as hostile to US interests as Al-Qaida terrorist operatives.

“The Americans even now are doing everything to bring our hostility and hatred to higher levels and bring us to wait impatiently for the next great big event,” said Abu Muhammad, a senior leader of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades in the northern West Bank city of Jenin. “They deserve one more coup of this kind (like 9/11), and I am sure it is only a question of time. September 11 was the beginning of the collapse of this empire of evil.”

How can any long lasting peace be made with such neanderthal thinking that can be found in both “extremist and moderate” camps alike? Just who are we kidding, if not ourselves? More here. KGS

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