Iraq The Model:Blaming The victim…….

While I am not persuaded by the logic of the Soviet Union/Russia’s pro Arab policies not protecting them from the present day Islamist jihad, Mohammed Fadhil, from the “Iraq The Model” blog, still offers some rather credible insight. He draws to the readers’ attention, the mindest throughout the ME and elsewhere, that insists on focusing its attention on the US, and not on the mentality that drew its response, the attack on 9/11, as well as the other Islamist attacks on the US that preceded it. More here. KGS

“As I write the first few lines of this post Omar directs me to an AFP story about the media and 9/11 which left me in shock; the nonsense spread from Arabs to Americans themselves that some in the American MSM are firing their criticism arrows at the victim, turning logic upside down in an offensive and insulting manner explaining that by saying they are searching for solutions to the problem or to avoid another 9/11. many go as far as criticizing and condemning the American administration that had only been in office for six months when America cam under the attack that’d been in planning for years which means the terrorists had no clue what that administration’s policy would be like and didn’t even know who was going to be in office when they started planning the attack.”

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