Negotiations My Eye……!

While the world’s leaders “dither” in the face of tyranny, Islamist forces not only busy themselves with rearming, but they are also actively involved in exporting their “successes” to other areas as well.

I find it highly ironic that the UN Sec-Gen, Kofi Annan places a well known anti-Semite as his lead man to negotiate the release of the two Israeli soldiers that were supposed to be released, (according to the reading of UNSCR 1701) UNCONDITIONALLY by the Hizbullah.

Annan gets his ceasefire, as well as the blockade lifted without the full promised number of Únifil troops yet in place. As international troops begin to “trickle into” Lebanon to take up positions in the Unifil 2 contingent, so too has Hizbullah begun to return into areas that they were at one time, driven out of. Bint Jebrial being a classic example.

Now there is news of Hizbullah training the Gazans in the same art of warfare that saw Israel stalemated in a conflict, that many analysts have described as “lasting too long and not having achieved the desired results”. The latter could be the subject of debate for a long time to come, but the former, that sees Palestinians putting into practice Hizbullah tactics for a future conflict with Israel, proves that the Hizbullah is not to be trusted, not now or even in the future.

But for “the Goodists” of the international community, none of these troubling developments raises any concern. For them, it’s business as usual, where one side is compared equally to the other as a matter of moral relativist policy. Where each sides’ words are judged to be of the same value, in spite of the Islamists repeated lying and open disdain for honesty with the “infidel West”. Instead, it’s Israel that’s to be investigated for supposed violations in the Lebanon war by the “new” UN Human Rights Council, not Hizbullah.

Dan Gordon said it best in his recent article where he points out the cynical use of civilians by the Hizbullah:

“The calculus was simple: launch a rocket from within a civilian population; if you kill Jews that’s a victory. If the Jews hit back and in so doing kill Lebanese civilians, that’s a victory. If they don’t hit back because they’re afraid to hit civilians, that’s a victory. Now repeat the process until you kill so many Jews they have to hit back and in so doing kill more Lebanese civilians. That’s the ultimate victory, because they know that in striking just those chords exactly what music the press will play.”

I agree, and the world just plays a long, with negotiations being the end in and of itself. KGS

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