Unifil, Finland And Israel, All Demand Answers…….

Yaakov Avitan , Haim Avraham and Kassem Souad, parents of IDF soldiers kidnapped by Hizbullah in 2000, watch a film that documents the abductions of their three sons by Hizbullah at Mount Dov, Benny Avraham, Adi Avitan and Omar Souad.

The film (taken by Unifil peace keepers) shows the IDF soldiers being abducted by Hizbullah gunmen dressed in Unifil uniforms, and raising suspicions on just how much the Unifil forces knew about the planned abduction at the time of the filming. That UN officials denied that the tape even existed, only to later admit to having it in their posession, does nothing for Unifil credibility, which has been already badly bruised for allowing Hisbullah to build outposts and tunnels under the very noses of it observers.

Haim Avraham, the father of abducted soldier Benny Avraham, said the following about Unifil forces :

“‘UN hid information; UNIFIL are liars’ ” More here.

To be fair, Israel has some explaining to do of its own, concerning the Finnish Navy Lieutenant, 29-year-old Jarno Tapio Mäkinen, who died on July 25th in an Israeli air strike on the UN post in the Lebanese village of Khiam. Israeli Minister of Tourism, Isaac Herzog stated during his visit to Helsinki, that:

“A thorough and detailed investigation into the incident has been carried out. If it was an operational error, we will take the blame for the attack. We will not deny our responsibility”.

I wonder if the UN, its officials, and the officers in charge at time of the abductions will ever do the same? KGS

After thought:
I wonder how many in Finland are even aware of role UN forces played in the abduction?

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