Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat Publishes Anti-Israel Conspiracy Filled Op-ed…….

An op-ed by Casamir Pohanraito was published in today’s edition of the Helsinginsanomat, that sought top prove Hizbullah’s overwhelming popularity amongst the majority of Lebanese citizens. Personally, I believe it to be quite the opposite, with the overwhelming majority of Lebanon showing their approval over Hizbullah’s activities, by staying home.

The op-ed published in the HS, is disturbing for other reasons that have little to do with Hizbullah’s popularity, real or imagined. I view the publication by a major Finnish paper of an op-ed that includes highly questionable source references, to be the most disturbing aspect of the article. Interestingly – the “sociologist” Michel Chossudovsky referred to by Casimir Pohjanraito can be easily googled and found to be a well-known CONSPIRACY THEORIST by Wikipedia.

Here is what Wikipedia says about him:

“He is an active member of the anti-war movement in Canada, has written extensively on the war in Yugoslavia, and has been involved in the propagation of alternate theories regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks…. He is editor for the Centre for Research on Globalization, which operates a website at globalresearch.ca. The Centre for Research on Globalization states to be “committed to curbing the tide of “globalisation” and “disarming” the New World Order”.

Excuse me but,..”alternate theories regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks and the New World Order”??? Kind of like; (wasn’t it the Jews who…?).

I believe that the term “alternate theories” is a very political correct terminology to describe conspiracy theories proffered by members of the academy. You can’t hide loopey thinking no matter what label it hides under. I wonder what term they come up with to describe those who seek to “disarm the new world order”?

What we have here is therefore;

(1) Publication of an op-ed with a clear reference to age-old myths of Jewish conspiracies to overtake the world, disguised as a “scientific” opinion (“the sociologist”): “Chossudovsky sees the Lebanese conflict in the backdrop of Israel and Turkey building the Eilat-Ashkelon water/oil pipleline through which Israel will try to cement its economic superiority in the area.”

2.)The leading daily newspaper in Finland thus publishes the name of a well-know conspiracy theorist (being clever enough not to give web-addresses to conspiracy sites like the Swedish speaking paper in Finland the HBL) for the readers to find out more about.

That Finland’s leading papers are prone to such glaring errors of judgement in their editorial depts, I wonder how Finnish journalism can be ever taken seriously? Tundraman


More on Chossudovsky. This guy tried to link the CIA to Al-Qaida (never mind that this has been debunked as nonsense already) and then (indirectly) Bush to one of the 9/11 terrorist that blew up the WTC building, Mohamed Atta. All this was of course to jump start the “War on Terror”. Why the Helsinginsanomat allows this type of farsical op-eds into its pages is beyond the realm of reason.

Thanks to Tundraman for bringing the issue of conspiracies to the forefront. I just came across something similiar here.

“The 9/11 Commission dismissed the numerous conspiracy theories after its exhaustive investigation into the terror attacks. Subsequent examinations of the towers’ structure have sought to prove they were significantly weakened by the impact which tore off fire retardant materials and led the steel beams bending under heat and then collapsing.”

Christopher Pyle, professor of constitutional law at Mt Holyoake College in Massachusetts, has dismissed the academic group. said:

“To plant bombs in three buildings with enough bomb materials and wiring? It’s too huge a project and would require far too many people to keep it a secret afterwards. “After every major crisis, like the assassinations of JFK or Martin Luther King, we’ve had conspiracy theorists who come up with plausible scenarios for gullible people. It’s a waste of time.”

I realize that “sunlight is the best disinfectant”, but some measure of journalistic responsibility should be employed when choosing what op-ed to publish. Checking up on the sources quoted in an article would be one way of sifting the wheat from the chaff. Quoting people who actually believe that the Jewish state is bent on creating an economic “supremecy”(read = Jews overtaking the world) in the ME region, is surely a red flag. KGS

4 Responses

  1. I take it you didnt like my opinion writing?

    I doubt you have even read it!

    You claim that my opinion “sought to prove Hizbullah’s overwhelming popularity amongst the majority of Lebanese citizens.”

    Thats *totally* false claim. I simply referred to a study.

    It was a response to a generic talk about the 2006 Libanon conflict on the newspaper public opinion -pages.

    In one part I refer to the poll published by the Beirut Center Of Research & Study, which showed that most the libanese locals interviewed supported Hizbollahs actions. Google for the study, its easy to find.

    I never claim to know anything about the Lebanese citizens in my opinion.

    Good job trying to demonize me (or the HS)! Lol ‘islamic hegemony in Scandinavia’ haha thats a good one!

    You can hopefully read more of my opinions on my web pages at https://koti.welho.com/jpohjanr/

    Best of luck to you,

    C. Pohjanraito

  2. Oh yeah, another thing. Next time you type my name, type it correctly. Its not “Casamir Pohanraito”.

    It is rude to misquote people, and it shows lack of respect for others in my opinion, and you have done that TWO TIMES already.

    Not to mention the fact that you do not even have the courage to use your OWN NAME when writing misguided errors about other people.

    Instead you hide behind a pseudonym… I guess that kind of makes you a pseudo, dont you think? There goes your credibility and legitimacy out the window!

    Best regards,

    C. Pohjanraito
    homesite: https://koti.welho.com/jpohjanr

  3. Sorry about mispelling your name, but that’s hardly worth “frothing about”, since I did spell it correctly further on in the post.

    Since you refered to the study, it is then reasonable to believe that you’ve signed on to the results, since you didn’t refute them.

    Amongst the Sh’iia who live in Hizbullahstan in s.Lebanon, one does know which side the bread is buttered on, since the ruling elite own everything, making their people dependent upon “Hizbullah generosity”.

    As for the Druze and other various Marionite Christian sects, they have felt the backside of the Hizbullah hand for decades, and DO NOT support them in private nor in public. Just show me their numbers present with Hizbullah fighters during the 30 day war with Israel.

  4. I found this thread while looking up Casimir’s homepage on Google.

    I have only one thing to say: Someone who cites Wikipedia as a source should really go somewhere and think long and hard about reliability of sources if they want to be taken seriously.

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