When Is A Source Reliable……? Listen up Finnish YLE

Tundra Tabloids new blogger, “Tundraman”, weighs in on the phenomenon of how the Finnish media (and internationally as well) succumbs to preconceived notions when determining the credibility of a source. KGS

As we have recently seen, the international media believed at face value, the filmed footage (by a “local amateur cameraman”) of the two Lebanese ambulances supposedly hit by Israeli rockets as they were transferring patients from one car to the other. It turned out to be a fraud.

It also believed the incident of the “Gaza Beach” fraud, in which Hamas camermen staged the tragedy to look like Israel had been involved. That turned out to be false as well. Very false.

The real mystery – or, rather, the ultimate proof of the success of terrorist propaganda – is the fact that all Israeli sources (and of those of their allies) are considered “fabrications” or “disinformation” by our media, while those of the other side are considered reliable and truthful even when they are unequivocally lying. This is how they make white look black and vice versa.

If a person is brainwashed to know exactly who is always wrong (Israel), it is enough to know the source of the information in order to call it “unreliable”. Its not the message, but the sender then determines the reliability of the message in advance.

In order to keep the conviction (on who is always wrong) a person then applies a technique called selective perception – taking in only the information which fits assumptions – and distort the rest so that it fits into the scheme. Tundraman

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