Islamist Child Abuse Take Two…….

Lets be clear, most of the Islamic world would never stoop to such depravity, but this is the legacy of a faith that finds itself increasingly unable to counter the arguments of such extremist dogma, or unwilling to do so. In an interview with Robert Spencer on C-Span, he explains the difficulties Islamic teachers are having in using their Koran to prove the teachings of the extremists to be false, seeing that the Islamists are using the very same book. The Islamists believe that it’s they themselves who are dealing with apostates, not the other way around.

The Hezbollah have been reported to be training children to die as martyrs, in an upcoming war against the infidel.

“Hizbullah took pure children and established armed militias,” the report said. “Prior to the recent war with Israel these children made annual appearances as “December 14 Units” only in the framework of the Jerusalem Day celebrations, but today they are referred to as “future suicides.”

“The children wear camouflage army uniforms, paint their faces black and take the Jihad and Holy War oath,” according to the report. “They are chosen by those responsible for recruitment to Hizbullah only because they are the children of shahids.”

I can’t think of anything more chilling, than to brainwash a child to hate, then to kill, by blowing themselves up. Most interestingly :

“The report said that the Mahadi Boy Scouts organization teaches the children Hizbullah and Shiite ideology, adding that their first lesson was titled ‘Israel is a temporary country.”

Is there any doubt that this is a group that won’t reform, lay down its weapons and behave in a normal rational way? I really would like to hear from the viewing surfers of this blog, just what do they expect the IC to achieve, and what to do when they don’t achieve it? More here. KGS

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