Islamist Collection Drive…….

Hezbollah reaches out to its youth. The IDF captured these types of pamphlets from Hezbollah terrorists in the villages of ‘Aita al-Sha’ab and Aita’run, that show how they indoctrinate their youth. IMHO this type of indoctrination shows that the notion of the Hezbollah ever being moderated to be pure folly. The only way for the situation on Israel’s border ever be to normalized, is not for the West not the Lebanese to try and “moderate” the Hezbollah, because that won’t happen. Their ideology needs to be debunked, deconstructed and marginalized, while their most violent elements are illiminated.

No Western state, especially the UN, should have any dealings with them. It would also send a message to other intolerant groups that the same international indifference awaits them as well. Right now we see Hezbollah believeing that the louder they sound, the more attention their racist ideologies will receive, making the West more willing to appease them . That’s a foolish path to go down. More here. KGS

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