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HS: Hitchhiking With The Hezbollah…….



Finnish journalist, Inka Kovanen, was reporting out of Lebanon for the Helsinginsanomat, which published her article titled; “Hitchhiking with Hezbollah”. The journalist provides a startling, but classic example of the international media being used as pawns by a very professional PR media handlers, of the Hezbollah.


This woman is stunned that “two clean-cut, slightly serious-looking men both, and not particularly scary to look at “, had come to their rescue after the vehicle that they had been traveling in had broken down, forcing them to continue on foot.


I just don’t see a situation where a European journalist is traveling around in southern Lebanon, and the Hezbollah is not aware of it. Sorry, but when all other foreign journalists have been forced to “pool together” and be taken by “handlers” to areas approved by the Hezbollah, I find it highly unlikely that the “two guys”, were not arranged to be there to pick them up.


What followed was a classic “suck up” article to the Hezbollah, of which they should be proud. The last parting words from one of the two men, sums up the sophistication of the well oiled Hezbollah PR machine:


“As a souvenir of our hitch-hiking experience we got a hand-written receipt, signed, and with a short paragraph written in slightly wobbly longhand in French: “Mussa loves everyone, Hezbollah loves everyone, Hezbollah is not a terrorist group. “


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Noteworthy observation:


Inka Kovanen is the same journalist who wrote an article (Helsinginsanomat 3.4.06), in which she claimed over 30 “headless bodies” were found north of Baghdad. This story proved to be patently false, and to date, she has never offered a correction, in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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  1. The two men must be thanked for acting smartly. At the same time , the courage of this journalist must not be under estimated.Hitch-hiking is fun when you travel with all your friends.

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