Jihad Watch Founder, Robert Spencer Interview On C-Span Q&A…….

“Robert Spencer took part in a documentary that was recently in the theaters called, “Islam: What the West Needs to Know.” The documentary discusses the religion of Islam, its main tenants and its relationship with other religions. Mr. Spencer has written several books on Islam.” Transcript here. View video here. KGS

LAMB: There are over a billion Muslims in the world.


LAMB: Do they all believe what they read in the Koran?

SPENCER: Well, here again, there are Muslims who are very serious about their faith and Muslims who aren’t. And so there are some who do believe what they read in the Koran and others who take various portions of it with less seriousness or they understand it as applying to particular times and places but not to all times and places.

The problem that the world faces and the problem that the Muslim communities of the West face as well as the Muslim communities in the Islamic world face is that the terrorists are taking the teachings of the Koran and the teachings of Islamic theology and law that mandate violence and are running with them. And it is very difficult to formulate a case on – solely on Muslim ground to say that that’s illegitimate.

And so while there are moderate Muslims, the fact that Islam is not moderate makes it very difficult for those moderates to establish any kind of large scale anti-terror effort.

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  1. Spencer's argument is true. What the West needs to know about Islam and Muslims is simple.. just look at the history.. what had happened to nations such as Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Anatolia (currently Turkey), Persia, and many other in the past is going to Happen to Europe soon (unfortunately) and to the USA later, which is being converted into Muslim nations where freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of women, or freedom in general becomes an unknown term and is removed from dictionary. You guys brought the cancer to your body by your own hands.. congratulations. Muslims are enjoying freedom in Europe ad the West that allows them to flourish and multiply until they become a majority, then they would force "their" laws (Sharia) that they cannot live with out and which cancel and undo every freedom and denies equality between Muslims and non Muslims. You do not believe that!! well, go and educate yourself a little.. read.

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