The Stench Of Hezbollah…….

The bunkers of Hezbollah are starting to reek from the rotting corpses of Hez terrorists, noted Israeli paratroopers on thier way back to Israel. The number of Hezbollah killed in the fighting stands to closer to the +500 given by Israeli officials, and proves beyond a doubt that Israel had taken the fight directly to Nasrallah’s militia. That Nasrallah used his own people as collateral baggage, to be used as cannon fodder as Israel responded to Hezbollah rocket/missile fire, speaks loudly of the disdain for human life by this group of tyrannical religious fanatics.

I could care less about how the Hezbollah maintains “a welfare system” for its people in the Shii’a south. The Hezbollah tactic of using these same people as human shields, A WAR CRIME, far outweighs whatever positive contributions that fascist group provided them before they started the war. More here. KGS

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