Ceasefire Between Israel And Hezbollah Began At Eight A.M.

Israel: “We’ll give it a chance”.

1.) I hope that the ceasefire, as a result of UNSC resolution 1701, does in fact hold.

2.) I hope that Hezbollah will be stripped of its weapons, which means not only its assault rifles, but its vast array of Iranian, Chinese made rockets/missiles and other military electronic systems that are outside the control of the Lebanese gov’t, (the silkworm missile that hit an Israeli war ship was Chinese made (C-802) and fired by members of Iran’s Republican Guards, using an advanced Iranian system not employed by the Lebanese military.

3.) I hope that the combined presence of Lebanese and (a beefed up) UNIFIL forces are able enough to disarm the Hezbollah. May the new UNIFIL mandate be not in vain.

4.) I hope that the “new and improved” international force will be able to properly monitor the borders with Syria to ensure that the Hezbollah are not being re-armed.

5.) I hope that the “new and improved” international force does not become once again “human shields” for the Hezbollah, that the vicinity of UN observation posts are free from armed Shii’a gunmen.

That the Lebanese gov’t (which has two Hez ministers) is sharply divided over the disarming of the Hezbollah, though it approved the Security Council’s unanimous vote on Saturday, ( it now seems to be recanting its own initial seal of approval) does not bode well for the UNSC’s new resolution.

There is a lot to hope for, and if UNSC resolution is to mean anything at all, it must be observed to the letter, in order for the UNSC not to be considered an open joke. Anything less than the full implementation of UNSCR 1701 in its entirety, means a return to the use of armed force as the only means to destroy the terrorist group. If the return to the status quo is all that is achieved, then, naive absolute pacifism (which inadvertently supports immoral violence of the Hezbollah) has won the day. More here. KGS

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