No Myth, Israel’s Fifth Column…….

Israeli commentary on the “fifth column” (its Arab minority) is proven to have been correct after all. The Arab Israeli MK “fire brands” within the Knesset are responsible for the treachery of its constituency being in support of a sworn enemy of the state of Israel. The point is, that regardless of the treacherous/traitorous expression of support for a country’s sworn enemy, the issue of treason within a democracy in the 21st century, is no longer a punishable offence.

The idea of expecting complete loyalty to one’s own government/country during a time of war….is history. That Israel allows for its own citizens the right to demonstrate in favor of Hezbollah, is in keeping with the times that we live in. Even in the US, protesters are seen in Dearborn Michigan marching in solidarity for Hezbollah (the very same group that murdered 241 US Marines in a 1983 attack on their barracks in Beirut). In other words, Israel is forced to endure this type dangerous buffoonery as well. Read more here. KGS

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