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Opposite Sides Of The Political Divide………

Not surprisingly, Finland’s EU presidency representative, Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja has come down decisively against Israel’s decision to enlargen its war operations inside Lebanon (which it recently rescinded temporarily). Saying;

“A sustained ceasefire requires the support of all members of the United Nations Security Council, Israel and Lebanon, as well as peace keeping forces.”

In today’s Helsinginsanomat, a guestpen op-ed by a foreign policy researcher, Henrikki Heikka, writes about the subsequent shifts in Finnish foreign policy over the past 15 years, with the past 6 years being described as;

“The Halonen-Tuomioja line, which consists of an emphasis on international justice, a practical approach to EU development as well as a critical approach towards the militarily use of force in general.”

No surprise at all then, that the pacifist Finnish FM (and Finnish President Halonen) would never condone nor allow for the complete reduction of the Hezbollah as a fighting force, by the Israelis. These types are blatant, disingenuous liars. When they speak publicly of Israel’s right to defend itself, what they are really saying is that, “Israel has a right to defend itself, but as long as they do not use force in order to destroy its sworn enemies.” For a progressive Europe that sheds crocodile tears over Jews lost in the Holocaust, read Tuomija’s latest, as being an open weep for dead Jews only.

Wall Street Journal’s, Bret Stephens delivers a sharp, brilliant commentary on why the Finnish Foreign Minister’s recent words are so wrong and misplaced. Stephens also notes that Israel’s generals need to get their campaign on a clearer track, with a more effective plan for victory over the Hezbollah.

“The Lebanese will never defy Hezbollah unless it has already been crippled militarily. No patchwork of Swedish, Italian and French troops is going to risk the fate of previous multinational forces in the Levant in the name of Israel’s security and another numbered U.N. resolution. Instead, they will stick to their garrisons and make themselves inconspicuous. When Hezbollah decides it is time for them to go, it will find a way.”

Read more here. KGS

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