Media manipulated, Reuters Shamed…….

Arab manipulation of the international media is an intregal part in their war against Israel. Its a tactic well known by those who follow Middle East news, but recently, the media has been found with its pants around its ankles for publishing doctored photos that bares for all to see just how blatant its become.

The Blogspot LGF, brought this latest incident to the light of day, which started the ball rolling and ended up with Reuters publicly admitting it had distributed a doctored photo that was enhanced to look more smoky(disastrous) than it really was.

The Powerline blogspot posts a similiar piece that shows yet more fake pictures by Reuters. This time the same photogpher (credited with the now discredited (doctored smoke/building photo) is tied to a picture of a building that was flattened by the IAF, using it twice over, by giving it two different dates for its destruction 24.7 and 5.8.

The Drinking From Home blogger notices the same “slight of Hand”, in a post in which an Arab women is shown to have had two houses hit by Israel on different dates, 22.7 and 5.8. She is either both incedibly wealthy and unlucky…..or a stage prop for the Hezbollah media propaganda team. Reuters has bit more than once, and very hard. EU REFERENDUM has more here as well. KGS

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