Europe Has No Right To Preach To Israel…….

Europe has no moral right to preach to Israel concerning its military operations conducted in Lebanon thus far. When it comes moralizing over the death toll of Lebanese civilians (which are indeed regrettable), European media, politicians, academics and analysts ect., only need to look back a few years, to see how Europeans took care of a conflict of their own, on European soil,…..Kosvo.

10 000 dead resulted from that campaign, with scores wounded, and yet no reasonable person would deny the justification for such use of military power, when the mass murder of Muslim civilians is considered. In short, the Serbs had to be stopped. Israel deserves the very same consideration as well, after having its borders grossly violated by Lebanon, its soldiers murdered and abducted, and its cities shelled by Lebanese rockets all on the same day.

Israel has taken great precautions in its military operations to avoid all uneccessary and unwanted civilian casualties. But they cannot be avoided entirely, especially when, in order to help galvanize world opinion against Israel, the cynical use of Lebanese civilians as human shields have become a chief Hezbollah tactic. KGS

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