Finnish President Halonen In Al-Jazeera Interview: "Bombs Are The Same"…….

Moral equivalence at its worst. While I was away from this blog, the apologist for terrorism network, Al-Jazeera, was busy with making an interview with Finland’s president, Tarja Halonen (SDP) . To Halonen’s credit, she faced a vicious interviewer whose line of questioning took the form of accusations, rather than probing questions, on the difficult situation presently going on in Lebanon.

But that does not absolve the Social Democrat President from wrongly equating both sides in the conflict as being equally to blame. They’re not.


“As I said, the bombs are the same on every side. And that’s why I say that let’s stop the violence.”

Both sides’ bombs are not the same. Hezbollah terrorists maneuver their launching systems within the civilian population, as well as their rocket stockpiles. Hezbollah rockets are militarily, of very little significance, because their intended purpose is to terrify a civilian population, that’s also the reason why they are jammed packed with “ball bearings” for an “extra impact” on the civilian population.

Halonen also said:

“We don’t speak about a NATO force, because we don’t want to do this with violence. We don’t want to do it with fighting,” she said. “The European Union troops will be ready when the partners will be ready for the ceasefire. I don’t believe that with an outside military force we could get a solution for this process.”

Finnish president, Tarja Halonen, is a classic example of many within Europe who deem any military use of force as being wrong. The mantra that has been often trumpeted here in Finland, within the media and the political elite, is that “violence never solves anything”. What a blistering display of ignorance and stupidity by Euro progressives. They are experiencing a “collective amnesia” over their not too distant history, when members of their rank and file understood the evil within Nazism, and used as much violence as possible in order to stop it.

The same understanding is needed once more. Terrorist violence by fanatical religionists cannot be stopped in its tracks by dialogue and understanding, one cannot reason with the unreasonable. One cannot sit at a negotiating table with the Hezbollah, and expect a reciprocation of the honesty, trustworthyness that one might expect from a fellow liberal democracy. Hezbollah is anything but, and the EU, (like the returning Chamberain from his trip in Berlin) should know, that terrorists (like Hitler) cannot be trusted. A.Dershowtiz has more on it here.

Her not wanting a NATO force or some other western coalition with teeth enough to disarm the remant of the Hezbollah, is pure foolishness on her part, and sets the stage for a future military clash with the “new and improved” Hezbollah terrorist militia, which will result in yet again more suffering for both civilian populations. KGS

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