Hezbollah’s Iwo Jima…….

The American Thinker blog has an interesting take on the developing military situation in southern Lebanon. While I believe his understanding is the closest to the truth thus far, I question just how much time Israel has before a cease fire is demanded by the UNSC, which will determine just how successful the IDF will ultimately be in destroying the forces of the Hezbollah terrorist group.

The Israeli officers interviewed, are predicting the success of the IDF/IAF as being in a matter of weeks, (as did Shimon Peres) while the US is speaking in terms of it lasting only a matter of days(US Sec-State Rice). The former would be the better option than the latter, for I hold little hope of a EU run peace keeping force’s ability in disarming anyone, let alone a bunch of hard core religious/Islamist fanatics. KGS

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