99% Of Beirut Remains Untouched…….

Retired Canadian Major General Lewis MacKenzie:

” Please don’t think me as being cavalier about life here, because I’m not, by any of the stretch of the imagination, but with the amount of fire power that’s gone into Lebanon over the last couple of weeks, the death toll is unbelievably low in accordance to the delivery of that fire power., which means that the targets are being selected pretty darn closely. Beirut is not being flattened, nor is it being bombarded. I heard one CNN reporter say that”: ‘ I am being bombarded, this area is being bombarded, had six bombs in twenty minutes.’

Mackenzie continues: “Bombardment is six bombs a second, I mean that’s what bombardment is, it means using all the resources that you have.” Radio broadcast here.

This differs greatly from the picture being painted by the international media. The retired General was also an acquaintance of the Canadian killed in the mishap in Khiam, where four UN observers were unfortunately hit during the bombing of enemy Hezbollah positions. The Hezbollah were using UN personnel as human shields while firing on Israelis, which meant putting the UN observers into direct danger of Israeli fire. KGS

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