Israeli PM Ehud Olmert Addresses The Knesset…….

The Israeli PM gives his reasons why.

“Over the past few weeks, our enemies have challenged the sovereignty of the State of Israel and the safety of its residents – first in the southern sector, then on the northern border, and deeper into the home front.
Israel did not seek these confrontations. On the contrary. We have done a lot to prevent them. We returned to the borders of the State of Israel, recognized by the entire international community. There were those who misconstrued our desire for peace – for us and our neighbors – as a sign of frailty. Our enemies misinterpreted our willingness to exercise restraint as a sign of weakness. They were wrong!

Only when the international community demands in no uncertain terms, for the total disarmament of Hezbollah, an end to the meddeling of both Syria and Iran, will Israel’s northern border become stabilized. KGS

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